Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Onondaga Lake Project is under way!

In science class, we have started the research phase of our investigation into such an important local topic. Thank you parents for taking the time last week to share your thoughts about the lake and working successfully in a group.

This is a pretty intense assignment - here are the components:

1. Attend the Kick Off Field Trip 
2. Investigate species that lived in the Onondaga Lake Watershed in the 1600's
3. Create a Food Web representing the ecosystem at that time
4. Research a Timeline of Events that impacted the Lake
5. Complete Science Vocab rewritten in students' own words
6. Answer set of Science Questions relating the NYS curriculum to Onondaga Lake
7. Read the Onondaga Nation's Vision for a Cleaner Onondaga Lake
8. Research questions related to Honeywell's Lake Clean Up
9. Examine a specific topic, event or entity that influenced the Lake and/or the Watershed
10. Create a website to present the students' research
11. Email a professional or professor about a specific research question.
12. Social Studies DBQ: How did the industrialization and rapid-city growth of Syracuse lead to the destruction of Onondaga Lake and its surrounding areas?
13. ELA Persuasive Essay - Compare current clean up efforts with the Vision publication. Students will chose a stance and support their views with evidence.

Onondaga Lake Project Website

Friday, October 31, 2014

Onondaga Lake Project Kickoff

WOW! How did we do all of that???

On Wednesday, October 29th we went on a whirlwind tour of many locations in the Onondaga Lake Watershed. 

We will be using these experiences to help construct pieces of our interdisciplinary Industrialization and Onondaga Lake Project that we will begin next month.

Here is a list of the locations that were on our itinerary: 

  • Honeywell Visitor's Center
  • Geddes Brook -a rehabilitated wetland
  • Onondaga Historical Association
  • Destiny USA
  • METRO Waste water Treatment Plant

We heard presentations from the following individuals:

  • Amy Rood - Communications Specialist, Brown & Sanford Consulting c/o Honeywell 
  • Natalia Cagide - Parsons Engineering
  • Dennis Connors - Onondaga Historical Association
  • Scott Peal - Onondaga Historical Association
  • Jim Jones - Head Operator METRO Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Aimee Clinkhammer - Onondaga Watershed Coordinator, EPA
  • Freida Jacques - Onondaga Nation

Monday, October 20, 2014

Onondaga Lake Project Kick Off

Teachers are gearing up for our interdisciplinary project to analyze the impact of Industry and Urbanization in Syracuse on the Onondaga Lake Watershed. This is our 4th year working on this project. We are taking time out of classes on Wednesday, October 29th to visit locations and hear presentations about various aspects of the lake's history and recovery. More updates to follow.